Some like it easy, some like it rough. A perfect way to see Bonaire is on a mountain bike or tour bike. See miles of unspoiled beauty, plants and birds, breathtaking vistas overlooking the Caribbean.

Mild or wild, Bonaire has it all. Whether you are looking for an off-pavement challenge or a leisurely seaside pedal, Bonaire has a route for you.

The flat southern coastal road runs between the blue waters of the Caribbean and salt flats where pink flamingos have their nests. Stops along the way take in historic sites and laid-back beach bars. The panoramic northern coastal road leads you to the hills that provide jaw-dropping views of the island.

But you can also go off road on one of the official mountain biking routes that are marked with blue stones. You can venture out on your own, or there’s plenty of tour operators who know the island and can ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

One excellent mountain biking bonaire trail is through Washington National Park.

Washington Slagbaai National Park is a 4,286 ha protected area, located in the northwest part of the island. It was the first nature sanctuary and it was established in 1969. It provides safe habitat for several endemic and endangered species of Bonaire such as parrots, flamingos.

Mountain bikers can enjoy the 34 km (21 miles) route through the park. Long stretches of flat roads along the sea contrast with severe up and down hills between mountains. Be aware, this ride is for experienced bikers, as temperatures can be high and the terrain is rough.

We recommend bringing plenty of drinking water, food and a first aid kit and tire patches.

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